The following Training Modules can be presented:

Type of Modules Duration Who would benefit
Senior and Middle management, HR Official
12 hrs
Snr, Mid, Jnr management, HR
Basic Labour Law Practices
Senior and Middle management, HR Official
Senior and Middle management, HR Official
24 hrs
Senior and Middle management, HR Official
12 hrs
Snr, Mid, Jnr management, HR /Admin
Preparing for Disciplinary hearing
Snr, Mid, Jnr management, HR /Admin
Employment Equity
Snr, Mid, Jnr management, HR /Admin
Covid-19 Management
Snr, Mid, Jnr management, HR /Admin
Snr, Mid, Jnr management, HR /Admin
How to use Zoom
3 x 40min
All staff needing it

Other aspects that we do through our associates

If you need any specific training not mentioned above, please contact us and let us see if we can assist or guide you to one of our associates.

Please note:

  • Courses can be presented internal on premises
  • Courses can be presented virtually via zoom

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course summary


In the times that we are in and maybe for some time in the future, Management is often put into the difficult situation of considering cut cost by retrenching people often not intentional but by economic force. In order to make it easier for Management to make that decision, we present you with enough information and assistance to make such difficult decision and how to go about it in a lawful manner. The following will be discussed:

  • Why you want to decrease your employees
  • What is the meaning of Organizational reasons?
  • Which terminations will be regard as fair / unfair
  • Section 189 of the Labour Act
    • Who must I deal with?
    • How is this done – consultation?
    • Procedural and substantive fairness
    • How to decide of staff that must be retrenched – Criteria
    • Documentation
    • Large level of Retrenchment of 50 and more employees
    • What does the Labour Court say?


This training session is of great value to Management at Senior and Middle Management levels of the company and gives them a solid basic baseline to operate from. In the program we address the following important points:

  • The role of Labour Law
  • The Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA)
  • Who is an employee?
  • TES’s
  • Contracts and its contents
  • Inspections by DoEL
  • Changes in contract and Policies
  • Health and Safety Act (OHSA)
  • Employment Equity
  • Skills Development
  • UIF


This is a very important session which should be attended by Senior Middle and Junior Management as well as the person in charge of HR. We, in this presentation, supply Management with the correct way of handling situations with unions and highlight Management’s rights in dealing with the situation laying out the fundamental rights of both parties. We address:

  • The difference between a Union and Workplace Forum
  • What is a Closed Shop agreement?
  • What is an Agency Shop?
  • When must to sign an agreement with a union?
  • What is meant by Organizational rights?
  • What is meant by Negotiation rights?
  • How does a Workshop Forum operate?
  • How to manage the Union / Workshop Forum

4. HUMAN RESOURCES (2 Types of courses)

We present two different courses aimed at Senior and Middle Management and HR Practitioners and a shorter version aimed at Junior Management and Junior HR Officials. During this course we present people with practical solutions. The contents of these courses will address:

  • What is HR really?
  • Those involved with HR
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Recruitment
  • Contracts
  • All aspects around jobs
  • Training and coaching
  • Statutory submissions – SETAS, Employment Equity, COIDA
  • Ethical Audits
  • Interactions with DoEL, Unions, etc


We have over the years establish the lack of knowledge that Management has when it comes to getting ready for a disciplinary hearing. They often come to the hearing totally unprepared and often not knowing even when the transgression happened. This is for any person who will become the Complainant on behalf of the company making sure that the person knows what is expected of him or her. We deal with the following topics:

  • What is discipline
  • The rights of the accused
  • The rights of Management
  • What are the different charges?
  • The notice
  • The pre investigation
  • The witnesses
  • Tests
  • Preparing witnesses
  • Mitigating and aggravating circumstances
  • The various sanctions


In this 2-day course more emphasis is laid on the whole process of discipline and how to handle it on a daily basis. Attendees will do all number of practical exercises and the handling of discipline based on non-real scenarios in the workplace and outcomes of the CCMA and Labour Courts. You will receive all the tools you might need in handling discipline on a progressive and fair manner. The course will amongst other cover:

  • The aim of discipline
  • Workplace relationships
  • Definition of discipline
  • Fair dismissal
  • Categories of discipline
  • Procedural fairness
  • Substantive fairness
  • Misbehavior
  • Disobedience
  • Absenteeism
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Incapacity
  • The hearing


This session covers all Laws applicable to the workplace and is an intensive session aimed at the senior and middle management of a company. It covers the following:

  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA)
  • Sectorial Determinations
  • Labour Relations Act (LRA)
  • Security Tenure ship Act (ESTA)
  • Employment Equity Act (EEA)
  • Skills Development Act (SDA)


This especially important Act is relatively ‘new’ and not in operation as it maybe should be. We hereby wish to introduce you to this Act and assist you in understanding the Act and implementing the necessary as prescribed by the Act.


This workshop is to bring over the correct information to employees and especially the workers’ committee members. We believe this is very much neglected at companies resulting then in outsiders supplying incorrect information to employees that leads to unnecessary conflict. This is also a good session for the new or young HR Official.

The contents of this presentation are:

  • Basic Conditions
  • Health and Safety and Covid-19
  • Employment Equity
  • Skills Development
  • Sectoral Determinations
  • Bargaining Councils
  • ESTA, where applicable
  • UIF
  • Accidents, injuries, and deceases
  • Labour relations
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Disciplinary action and Grievances
  • Different contracts of employment
  • The role of the Workers’ Committee
  • The Pay slip


For obvious reasons this is a new and living session much adjusted as we progress towards levels 1 and 0 and thereafter. It is of utmost importance that your decision-making staff as well as your C-19 Manager, as well as even your Safety Committee, attend this essential course in the days that we are living now. We will be discussing the following:

  • Present risk levels and Directives
  • How to manage Covid-19
  • Risk Analysis, Policy and Plan
  • What is expected of the C-10 Manager and the Safety Committee
  • Symptoms to be on the look-out for
  • Paid sick leave or not
  • Tests and controls at work
  • When is COIDA (old WCA) applicable?
  • How must the company manage Covid-19?
  • How to handle affected employees
  • How to handle self-isolation
  • What is a Risk Analysis?
  • The administration of Covid-19
  • A safe workplace
  • PPE’s


This short session is valuable to Financial Managers, Administrative clerks as well as decision making persons in the company and addresses all aspects around this relatively new Act.

  • What is AARTO?
  • How does AARTO work?
  • Transgression points
  • How does AARTO effect your business, and your staff?
  • Must you have an AARTO Policy?
  • AARTO and discipline

12. ZOOM

Since the lock down period in March 2020 virtual contact for meetings, training, etc, has become very popular and almost a must in all businesses. We present a one-to-one training session for individuals in a company who wish to know how to use Zoom as a brilliant tool for management. This online practical training course will help the person to make use of Zoom for a variety of purposes and to be in a position to train others within the company in this program that saves so much time.


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